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Cloud and

During this fast-paced business change, it is important to have a complete grip on what is happening and how to lead this change in the right way.

At SkillRecruit we have a dedicated team who has in-depth knowledge on most widely used CRM and other cloud-based technology solutions. to support our client's cloud-based IT skill needs

 Some of the typical skills we work in this area includes:  

  • Cloud Infrastructure Architects
  • Cloud implementation consultants
  • Cloud system engineers
  • Info Security Annalists
  • Cloud app developers


While working across technology domains, forces an organizations to take watchful steps in all areas of IT infrastructure including implementation planning, duplication elimination, new skill implications etc. where there is a need for a new set of combined or individual talent to be used.

Working with major IT players in this field made SkillRecruit one of the trustable names to choose when there is a need for Infrastructure related IT skills.

 Some of the typical skills we work in this area includes:  

  • IT and Web infrastructure engineers
  • Infrastructure security engineers
  • Dev Ops engineers
  • Info Security Annalists
  • Infrastructure security engineers
  • Linux analysts and system administrators


The influence of Digital and Mobility technologies made such an impact that we are entering a new era of unprecedented business transformation. And the big question is, can you lead your organization through this with the right adoption of technological combinations?

At SkillRecruit we have a dedicated team who is helping our clients by supporting their on-demand skill needs in the mobile and digital technology space.

 Some of the typical skills we work in this area includes:  

  • Head of Digital
  • Digital Project and Programme managers
  • UA/UX professionals
  • Security consultants
  • Retail payment technology specialists


Product and Application Development, Support and Maintenance

With the increased usage of Digital in business, the whole approach to the software development is now at a different level when we compare the same with the past. User experience is playing a key role along with innovation to give business a competitive edge.

With our association with major global outsourcing and product building organizations over the last many years, we are on top when it comes to new technology or development/delivery frameworks and its impacts. Our team of specialized software technology consultants can understand most of the modern needs and deliver the skills within the time frame specified.

 Some of the typical skills we work in this area includes:  

  • Software developers
  • Application developers
  • User Interface developers
  • The Web and mobile developers
  • Business and data analysts

BI, Data and Analytics

Data is everywhere and whether we like it or not every business and every life on this planet create and uses data knowingly or unknowingly.

At SkillRecruit, we use data and analysis together to make smarter business moves, efficient operations, increased customer satisfaction and better profit making.

We understand the importance of accurate information and hence we put a dedicated team to ensure that our customers are served with the most suitable skills handpicked from the market for their data and analysis needs.

 Some of the typical skills we work in this area includes:  

  • Data Architects
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientists
  • Database/Data warehouse Architects
  • Head of BI/Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Analysts


Be it mobile or other types of application testing, cloud testing or security testing, to remain competent and efficient organizations needs to come up with new solutions, methodologies and strategies to cut timescale, business risk and cost.

Our specialist testing recruitment consultants at SkillRecruit are well equipped in understanding this market dynamics and been successful in helping organizations to support them with right skilled resources.

 Some of the typical skills we work in this area includes:  

  • Mobile application tester
  • Manual or automation tester
  • QA test managers
  • QA specialists
  • Test analysts